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„Silesian Studies” CfP 2019, volumes 84-85


„Silesian Studies” 2019, volumes 84-85


The editors of the scientific journal “Silesian Studies” would like to inform prospective authors that two monographic volumes, each around a leading subject, shall be prepared for print in 2019.

The volume 84 of the semi-annual shall bear the subtitle The struggling for Silesia (1918-1922). It refers to the centenary of the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite, which are among the most important events in the history of the region in the 20th century. It is dedicated first and foremost to historians who want to gain a new insight into the findings of historiography, to supplement them with approaches and threads heretofore unknown, as well as to bring forward some unknown facts from the lives of the persons involved in those events. Prospective authors are also invited to submit texts that would place those events in a broader context of the post-war Central and Eastern Europe.

The volume 85 of the semi-annual shall bear the subtitle The historical policy and the foreign policy of the Central European countries in the 21st century. The volume is an attempt to collect scientific statements concerning the importance of historical narratives in interstate policy 15 years after the enlargement of the European Union, the significance of the past in international relations, as well as the role of scientific and cultural institutions in this area. The volume is dedicated first and foremost to political science scholars, culture science scholars and historians. It shall be prepared and co-edited in cooperation with the Department of German Studies at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Authors interested in the publication of their texts in the volume 84 are requested to send them to the editorial office address until 31st May 2019. The articles for the volume 85 are expected until 30th September 2019.

All authors are invited to submit texts concerning scientific life in the form of review articles and reviews, as well as conference reports and ongoing projects reports.

“Silesian Studies” is a scientific journal issued by the Governmental Research Institute – Silesian Institute in Opole. In the years 2015-2018 it had 11 points on the journal ranking list of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. More information concerning the semi-annual and the editorial requirements can be found on the website: http://www.studia-slaskie.instytutslaski.com/.